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Video Assassin 2.0 ($197 Value)

videoassassinOne of Sean Donahoe most popular courses shows how he started making 6-Figures by unleashing the power of Video Marketing. This best-selling course reveals all the insider tactics he used to start with ZERO income to 6 Figures in under 6 months with tactics that work as well today as they did when he started. Timeless strategies you can use now!




Killer Headlines Collection ($97 Value)

killerheadlinesCopywriters cost $1000s…So, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have some of their best headlines at your finger tips to make everything you do convert like crazy and keep your viewers hooked? Well, now you can with over 300 of the best “Fill in the Blanks” headlines ever…




Conversion Ninja ($47 Value)

ebookNo matter what kind of business you’re in, conversions are king. The bottom line of any business is making money, and the root of that money is how well your product or service converts.  Learn some simple, yet astoundingly powerful ways to improve your conversions, no matter what type of marketing you’re doing. You’ll learn to improve sales pages, emails, blog posts, videos… just about anything you can think of!




Landing Page Shark ($47 Value)

BookQuality, effective landing pages are a crucial element of any successful online business. No matter what type of web property you have, your landing page needs to be properly optimized for maximum conversions. Learn about different types of landing pages, how to use them, and how to create stunning landing pages without a lot of technical or design experience.




Copy Samurai ($47 Value)

CopySamuraiStanding300Copywriting  is  an  essential  skill  that  is  easy  to  learn,  but  hard  to  master.  If  you  want  to  make  money  online,  you  absolutely have  to  master  the  art  of  copywriting. Learn  what  it  takes  to  write  highly  effective  sales  letters.  You  can  use  and  build  on  these  tips  as  you  learn,  and  eventually  you’ll  be  writing  the  kind  of  professional  copy  that  makes  people  millions!




Scarcity Accelerator ($47 Value)

scarcity-accelerator200Scarcity is one of the most powerful controlling forces in marketing and genuine scarcity is the most powerful of all. In this amazing guide we show you how to create powerful scarcity factors in all your marketing efforts. Skyrocket your profits, maximize your conversions and take your marketing to the next level with these easy to apply strategies…





Affiliate Evolution ($47 Value)

IMSC_AffiliateEvolutionBook_2001It’s time to evolve. Affiliate marketing is a very powerful way to create passive streams of income. However, many of the old ways just don’t work anymore. In this guide, we show you how to capture new leads, accelerate your profits and use cutting edge tactics that Sean uses in his business to create multiple 6-figure incomes…



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