3 Free Ways To Get Traffic

Getting traffic to your site is the fastest way to increase the amount of money you make online. If you know the right techniques, you can take your site from little or no visits a day to hundreds or more and increase your number of sells dramatically.

Video marketing is one of the most effective yet underused ways to reach a targeted buyers. If you’ve got the knowhow to make and aren’t afraid of uploading your own videos, and you link all the videos to you site, you will see the result almost instantly. And the best part about video marketing is that it creates a great image for your internet site. This is a surefire way to increase your traffic.

Also, you can write articles and put a link to your web site at the bottom. This is one of the easiest ways to get traffic. It is cheaper than other methods of increasing your traffic, and results can be impressive, but still not as easy of affective as video. Writing articles requires time and effort to write and submit them to article directories, but article marketing is still one of the top free techniques to increase internet traffic to your site.

Commenting on blogs is also a great way to increase internet traffic to your site. Always leave positive, helpful comments and provide actual value with the comment that you leave on other blogs. People will see this and visit your site. If you have a blog then it is common for blog owners to thank you by leaving a comment too. This is great to build up a positive reputation and increase your internet traffic.

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