Google Sniper – Put To The Test – Did It Work?

Welcome to my review!

The one thing Google Sniper MUST deliver on, is the promise that you will be able to rank on the first page of Google, otherwise your not going to make any money. So to test this, I followed the system step by step on how to rank this site for the key phrase ” Google Sniper Review 2015 ” This is the type of phrase you would want to target for any kind of niche.

I just thought if I’m going to make a review for a product that is all about ranking for Google, what better than using it to rank the review site itself. To see if it worked copy the bold phrase above and paste it into Google,or scroll down to read my complete review.



Intro – Over Promised, But Is It Still Worth It?

First things first, Google Sniper is like a lot of other “Make Money Online” systems out there, in that it over promises. Don’t get me wrong, as a sniper myself, I know you can make money using George’s system, just realize he created the system and has been doing it for a long…… time, so the $1,500 – $2,500 he shows in his video took years of work and learning to achieve.

However, in this review I cover everything you Need To Know before buying the system yourself. What is Google Sniper? – Does it still work today?  – How much money will you make?                      Also if you do decide to give it a try, you should sign up for my Free Bonuses. Where I send out free stuff every week that has help my sites a lot.

Review Google

What Exactly is Google Sniper?

Google Sniper 3.0 or any other version, is a make money online training course, by George Brown millionaire  internet marketer, that shows you how to build small simple niche sites, and how to get those sites to rank highly on Google’s first page with very little work.

The Google sniper sites themselves are very easy to setup and they focused on low competition keywords, or more specifically a site focused entirely around ONE low competition keyword.

Unlike other traditional sites that target hundreds of keywords and phrases with dozens of pages and a large range in topics, posts, videos, etc. You get the idea.

After each site is setup, they generate around 300$ a month on average per site with no need to touch them again.


Does Google Sniper 3.0 work in 2015?

The short answer is Yes, but the only thing that needs to work is that your site needs to rank to money. So, just to convince people that they still work today, I constructed this site the same way you would a Sniper Site. So if you Google – ” Google Sniper Review 2015 ” You’ll find this site is ranked number 1.

Not to mention they’re all over Google’s front page for all kinds of search results. People that say sniping doesn’t work anymore are either trying to get you to buy there product, haven’t tried it, or work for Google and don’t want you to think there is an easy way to rank on the first page.

I started this blog to give you some real numbers to go by, so you know if you are on the right track or not. I only made $40,000 my first year, not $1,500 a day, but I could only put in about 15 hours of work a week. Not bad if you ask me and it paid for my wedding 🙂 If you want a real way to make money online, this is it. Not a get rich quick s scam, but an actual way to make money online. It started out slow, but before long it really took off.

Google Sniper Math – Worst Case Scenario

To better explain why Google Sniper is so popular and why there is so much money to be made using this system, I’ll have to break out some math.

Let set this up for the extreme case/ worst case scenario.  So lets say you can only get one site done a week (not 2 hours), that you only make one sale a month or about 20$ (not 300$),  it takes a month to make a sale for each site (not over night), and you spend 50$ to make each site (not 0$/Free).

  • 48 made over a year.
  • 20$ in sales a month from each site.
  • 1 month for first sale of each site.
  • 50$ to make each site.
Year Break-Down

January            200$ Spent – 0$ Made
February         200$ Spent – 80$ Made
March              200$ Spent – 160$ Made
April                 200$ Spent – 240$ Made
May                  200$ Spent – 320$ Made
June                  200$ Spent – 400$ Made
July                    200$ Spent – 480$ Made
August             200$ Spent – 560$ Made
September     200$ Spent – 640$ Made
October          200$ Spent – 720$ Made
November      200$ Spent – 800$ Made
December      200$ Spent – 880$ Made

Total: 2400$ Spent – 6480$ Made (Profit = 4080$)

Even when everything goes wrong you still come out ahead. It might not sound like a lot, but consider that you put in two hours a week (it does not take a week to make these sites), you spent more than you should of to build these sites (I spend around 15$ a site to outsource link building) and that the money would continue to come in, it takes about a year – three years for a site to die completely assuming you never touch it. Check out the video at the bottom for a better year break down.

Click Here to Go to Google Sniper’s Official Website.




2 Problems you might have with Google Sniper 3.0

  1. The biggest problem people have with the Google Sniper system is that they want to see huge results overnight, but it takes time to build an empire of small sites that generate the kind of income top affiliates make. It might take you a week to understand the system and another week to set up your first site, but over time you can get the whole process down to about 2 hours of work.
  2. Another problem that people make is that they don’t invest enough of their money made from sniper sites into making more sniper sites. The idea is to get as many sites as you can out there making you money. Do you just want some extra money, or do you want to control an empire of sites and really be financially free?


What’s in the Google Sniper course?

Google Sniper Review 2015 Welcom


Google Sniper REview 2015


  • The Main Section is a five step system on how build the sites, how to rank the sites, how to outsource the work of building the sites (If you purchased the Empire Module), and tons of additional training.
  • The next section is the Sniper X section.

This is where George keeps Google Sniper up to date. With updates on the system, training videos, and coaching webinars. This is my favorite part about the course because every two weeks they do a case study. Where sniper members get help with there live sniper sites. (Sites that are making money. Just more proof that they still work today.)

  • Next you have the Google Cash Machine.

Here you are taught methods to make some quick cash and at least get your initial investment in google sniper back.

  • Then there’s the Rolodex.

This is just a quick place to find all of the resource mentioned in the course, as well as some new ones.

  • Lastly is Support.

This is a place that you can get all your affiliate marketing related questions answered in a short amount of time. Much different from other programs out there that either have no support or they never answer you back. As well as a glossary and FAQs.


What are the Pros of Google Sniper 3.0?

  • It is the easiest way to get into affiliate marketing, so if you’re new, it’s a great place to start.
  • It’s also a great course if you just want to learn how to build websites.
  • The program is very detailed and is simple to follow for anyone. It has a step by step manual and slow paced how to videos.
  • The system only costs 47$, and as I mentioned earlier there’s a section in the course just to make that back as soon as possible.
  • There’s proof that system works in the Sniper X section. Where you get to see real sniper sites.
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee. If you have any problems with the system, just return it, no questioned asked.
  • The chance to have a job that make’s you money while you sleep 🙂


Click Here to Go to Google Sniper’s Official Website.


What are the Cons of Google Sniper 3.0?

  • No system is perfect and Google Snipers no different.
  • The biggest con is that you need to be patient. So many people want to make money online fast, and pass up a chance to create an actual online career in affiliate marketing.
  • You have to do a little more than is mentioned in the program to get your site to rank on the first page. It’s 2015 and a lot of people are finding out how profitable online marketing can be, and it will help to put a little more work into each site.
  • Building sites takes longer than described. Eventually you can get the time down to about 2 hours a site, but if you are new it will take longer.


Why only $47 for Something that can make $1,500 – $2,000 A Day?

As I mentioned above, although it is possible to make that kind of money, it will take a few years to get to that point. Unless you spend a lot of money on outsourcing and get a lot of sites up quickly, and more money on link building to get those sites to rank quickly.

However, without spending a lot of money, you’ll still make sales and get faster at making sites, so over time it will add up. But the reason why someone would sale their system for only $47 is because it’s low enough that anyone can afford it, but most people that buy it, do nothing with it. You may have the vision, but without action you’re just daydreaming.


Overall – What do I think?

I have bought and tried a lot of make money online training products and still do, just to let people know their options and call out scams. I even spent 2000$ on an eCommerce site system that made me money, but took so much work and I can honestly say that George Brown’s Google Sniper 3.0 is by far the best product to get into the market.

So good that I gave up on eCommerce sites, pay per click campaigns and have changed my whole internet marketing strategy into building sniper sites and making as many as I can.

The concepts are so simple, but yet so effective and George Brown makes them seem so easy to understand that anybody with a computer, internet, and the ability to follow step-by-step instructions can use this course to make money online.

Last Thoughts.

Google Sniper has change my life and many others. I honestly don’t know why someone wouldn’t give a $47 system with no risk a chance to change their life. I’m talking about a job where you wake up each morning and check to see how much money you made in your sleep! You have 60 days to try the course and decide if it’s for you or not, just don’t be like most people, buy it, and never put it to use.

Sometimes it’s yourself that’s stopping you from being successful, the type of person that’s just scanning this page looking for a reason not to try something new, and because of this, will always just be a daydreamer, but never the person that gets to live those dreams.

Click the link below and watch the whole video to see other people that started out making sniper sites and where they are today.

Click Here to Go to Google Sniper’s Official Website.


  1. Hi Chris, i have some time looking at this sistem and i didn’t find a way to comunnicate directly with George, i’ve tried to post on the video on youtube, but didn’t get published, it’s weird, isn’t it?
    so i just land on your blog and maybe you can hel pme with a few questions i have.

    First of all, your few links just in this blog to the “oficial Google sniper site”, is not such a thing, it is a kinda hidden website, since it is not a google page and also didn’t have any way to contact anybody.

    second, if you decide to trust and do the to payment, besides George says several times in the video and in the comments area, that one didn’t have to go click bank site, it is exactly where you are sent.

    third he always says for free, besides de 47 dowload, but below the payment button at clickbank, says *47 montly in fine print. wich is not bad if you are making a few houndres a week.
    But the point is not the money but the lie.
    So it’s one time 47 payment for dowload or it is a 47montly?

    I hope you can help me figuring out this few things.
    thank you for your time


  2. Do you have to pay $47 monthly or is it a one time payment? If it is a one time payment please tell me how to make it where al, you have to pay is the $47 and no other future payments.

    • Google Sniper is one payment of 47$, but at the bottom next to the order button there is a free trial to Sniper X, just uncheck the box if you are not interested and you will not be billed for it after the trial ends.

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